#SingleMommi is a Super Mommi

Mother’s Day Week Big Salute to all the Mommies out here raising your children, nurturing them and being so selfless in all that you do! I celebrate all Mom’s but Single Mom’s definitely hold a very special place in my heart. Why? Because I was one, and let me tell you….I know the struggle, Sis Single Mom = Super Mom I became a single Mom before my Daughter was even born, so my journey entering Motherhood was already stamped “SINGLE MOM.” No, I wasn’t out here scheming so let’s get that straight! I was married at the time for 3 … Continue reading #SingleMommi is a Super Mommi

Little Fires Everywhere; The Various Depictions on Motherhood

4 Moms, 4 Economic Backgrounds, 3 Different Races, countless Secrets… I just finished the 8 episode series Little Fire Everywhere on Hulu and the message resonated with me in many different ways. The biggest being the different aspects of Motherhood it illustrates, each character brought forth weaknesses as they struggled to raise their children. As the audience we can quickly judge the decisions each Mother made in the series by wondering, “how could they” or even think “I would never,” but if we looked more closely at ourselves we would find a little of Mia, Elena, Linda and even Bebe within … Continue reading Little Fires Everywhere; The Various Depictions on Motherhood

I am not my Hair, or am I?

In 2011 when I went natural….for the 1st time (yes, there’s levels to this) I did it for health reasons. I found out I was pregnant so I eliminated the intake of as many chemicals I could from my body including relaxers, to protect my baby. I was a new Mommi-to-be so I was trying to start on the healthiest foot that I could! Little did I know that this was a WHOLE MOVEMENT, a journey of self rediscovery and acceptance, and the beginning of a lesson in beauty that I would teach my baby girl for a lifetime! As … Continue reading I am not my Hair, or am I?

4 Tips to Remain Thankful during a difficult Season in your Life

As women, and as Moms we go through seasons in our lives where our hope begins to diminish due to circumstances beyond our control. Even some situations we find ourselves in may be due to a bad decision we have made and has caused us such grief, and that’s ok, we make mistakes and learn from it. No matter the reason we may be going through a rough time it’s important to stay hopeful….because like the old folks say, “trouble don’t last always.” If you or someone close to you finds themselves in a dark time remind them of these … Continue reading 4 Tips to Remain Thankful during a difficult Season in your Life

Long Time, No Blog!

Remember Me? Wow! It’s been waaay too long since I’ve checked in on you guys and a lot has definitely changed since publishing my last blog! I promise not to go this long again, but you understand how Mom life, work life, school life can get, right? I hope so because I love blogging and it is such a magical feeling to publish a blog and witness your comments and responses to it! I live for the engagement! Are you like me and CANNOT believe that we are in the last quarter of the year and less than 2 months … Continue reading Long Time, No Blog!

The Best Choice For My Baby

Super Mommy I think the greatest thing I’ve done for my Daughter as a baby was breastfeed her for as long as I did. 19 months to be exact, it could’ve gone on longer because it was difficult weening her off, but it was time to make that transition.  You may ask why do I think feeding my baby is such an accomplishment? Well, because it was not an easy task at the start of it. We often see images in the media of the happy-go-lucky Mom breastfeeding her satisfied baby so beautifully, but in reality the process is sometimes … Continue reading The Best Choice For My Baby

5 Tips to Consider for Summer Camps

Let the Summer Fun Begin Summa Summa Tiiiime!!!!…. And here comes all the flyers, emails, and newsletters for all the variety of summer camps for the kiddos to have a fulfilling summer vacation! If you’re anything like me I procrastinate a bit and don’t start browsing until right before summer. With that being said this will be the bonus tip; DON’T wait until a week or two before camp! You’re likely to miss out on the camp of your choice or the dates that work best for your schedule, believe it or not camps are in high demand and Parents … Continue reading 5 Tips to Consider for Summer Camps

My Father My Identity

Dreaming I remember when I was at a standstill in my life, my daughter was only 5-6 months old, and I felt as though besides her I didn’t have much. I looked at myself and my life and thought “there has to be more to life than this.” I was beginning to question so many aspects of my situation and wondered when would things get better. Each day was redundant and I felt I was beginning to loose sight of what I wanted, but what did I want? What was my purpose here on this earth, because everyone has one, … Continue reading My Father My Identity