Not a Sperm Donor a Heart Donor

Donor (noun) A donor is defined as someone who gives or donates something. Synonyms for a donor include but are not limited to; giver, contributor, benefactor, supporter, backer, etc. As a father, there are some exceptional ones and unfortunately, there are those who would be described as a man that donated his sperm as a means of procreation. They may also provide monetary donations as a substitute for being present in their offspring’s life. A heart donor has given a major organ, like their heart after his or her death to someone else so that the recipient can live and … Continue reading Not a Sperm Donor a Heart Donor

The Choice is Hers

If you’ve been following me then you know I’ve joined an amazing platform for Mommi bloggers called MommiNation, created by Sanya Richards-Ross.  Its a safe place to share our Motherhood stories, opinions, how-tos, advice, and so much more! I’m so happy to be amongst such authentic and successful women who share some of the same passions as me! Many of my blogs will be found there exclusively. Motherhood is Magical will still be here however, my blog section will be found there on my page at This particular blog just dropped today as we are discussing the Abortion Ban in … Continue reading The Choice is Hers

The Day My Title Changed To “Mom”

It was surreal, indescribable, it was Magical!  Seeing my baby for the first time rocked my world! I couldn’t do anything but scream and cry, she was perfect! I couldn’t believe she was actually mine, so many emotions ran through my mind,  I was smitten. As she screamed and cried when they held her up, checked all her vitals, I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms because I know she would feel me and be calm. I was right, although this was her first time seeing her Mommies face, she looked at me and was immediately … Continue reading The Day My Title Changed To “Mom”

Your conditions never run dry

An open letter to my Mother: With Mother’s Day just a week away and my Mother’s birthday always falls on the same weekend (May 9th). I wanted to dedicate this post to The Most Magical Mother on this planet, my Mommy. The reason why I see this journey so beautifully is because she makes it that way. Having her alongside me each and every day, from the beginning has been an amazing blessing and I do not take that for granted. There aren’t many words I can use to fully describe her, because it just doesn’t do her justice, but … Continue reading Your conditions never run dry


When you change your perspective you change your life. I recently have been consistently thinking on perspectives and outlooks on life, and coincidentally my recent devotionals have had a particular focus on it. It confirmed in me how crucial shaping your perspective on life really is. What is in your mind and in your daily thought process will be how you see things and what ultimately comes out of you, shaping your attitude. We can all agree that there will be tough days, that is inevitable. However, we can choose to either make a bad thing better or worse with … Continue reading Perspective

Spring Break and Magical Memories

Spring break has finally come and gone and my Chandler has been so excited! Last week we spent 4 magical days in sunny Destin, Florida on a beautiful resort. Destin is usually our go-to beach for a family getaway because it’s very close to home, (4 hours away) and it has the most beautiful crystal clear water and clean white sand, hence the reason it’s nickname is “The Emerald Coast.”  It also has a very family friendly environment with so much to do. She spent the first few days of her spring break resting and being anxious about going to … Continue reading Spring Break and Magical Memories

Life After Divorce

Divorce is something you will never forget, no matter how hard you try to, at first life is a whirlwind. There’s a lot of adjusting and a lot of worrying about what’s next for you and your child(ren). You are likely more concerned about what is the best way to try to keep your child’s life as “normal” and less effected as possible. You can easily forget about you and your emotional health. This trait is one of a great Mother, but potentially harmful to your mental health. I will always mention I am a huge advocate of self-care! If … Continue reading Life After Divorce

Project Motherhood

I think one mood killer is when I open my daughters school folder in the evening to find the dreaded print out of another school project. I know I can’t be the only one with this feeling? I know what you’re thinking….yes, she’s only in 1st grade so I have many more years of this, I should get use to it. I can’t. I won’t. I hated to admit it at first but as a 31 year old woman, at this stage in my life, I’m very much in touch with reality and have no problem embracing my dislikes or … Continue reading Project Motherhood

After labor, what now?

How many of us can agree that the journey during your pregnancy was magical but postpartum is anything but that? I know many women have rough pregnancies unfortunately, but speaking from my own experience my pregnancy was beautiful, intriguing, and full of excitement and expectation! I thought that the labor experience would be the last of the “hard part” but what I didn’t know was on the other side of the whole thing was pure STRUGGLE! No one talks much about this and I see why, but first time Mother’s need to be aware. My friend and co-worker had her first … Continue reading After labor, what now?